“L’età forte” di Valerie

Intervista all’icona Usa

Martedì torna l’inserto dedicato alla terza e quarta età

Ecco il testo inglese del dialogo con la scrittrice e modella

“L’età forte” di Valerie Intervista all’icona Usa
La giornalista, modella e scrittrice americana Valerie Ramsey, protagonista dell’inserto di 6 pagine in edicola martedì con La Provincia

A popular motivational speaker, Valerie has appeared on many television shows and was included in the September issue of Vogue Japan in “A Talk on Ageless Power.” Mother of six, Ms. Ramsey began her brilliant career at the age of fifty as a public relations executive before becoming a fashion model, an author, a motivational speaker, and a journalist. Determined to make the second half of her life just as fulfilling as the first half had been, she has persevered and enjoyed great success in spite of facing cancer three times and overcoming severe heart disease. She authored best seller books (Creating What’s New Gracefully). She co-authored with her daughter, Heather Hummel, bestselling books (Gracefully – Looking & Being Your Best at Any Age and Creating What’s Next – Gracefully). Info: www.valerieramsey.com

Valerie, your story proves that there are no endings, just beginnings.

I firmly believe that no matter our age, we still have untapped possibilities within us and new dreams waiting to unfold

After marrying and raising six children, you began your career in your 50’s. Was it a personal challenge?

As an only child who went off to boarding school at the age of seven, I always dreamt of having a happy marriage and a large family. However, that was not the only vision I had. Once that goal was fulfilled, I wanted a different kind of life – one that would send me out into the world – allow me to have a career and a future full of possibilities and new opportunities.

“Gracefully” is the key term for looking & being your best at any age. What does it mean exactly?

To me, grace is a state of mind. It is living with, and spreading, joy, love, gratitude, optimism, and compassion. Grace captivates. It is the light in your soul shining through. It is confidence and positivity.

What is a typical day in Valerie’s life like?

I’m not sure there is such a thing as a typical day because my life is so diversified. My husband, Wally, and I now live in Palm Beach, Florida, which we are enjoying immensely. Prior to this we were on the unspeakably beautiful Monterey Peninsula in California for 25 years, and before that in Greenwich, Connecticut where we raised our family. On any given day you might find me boarding a plane to give a speech, drafting an article for a magazine, heading off to a photo shoot (most recently to Montego Bay in Jamaica), doing a guest appearance on a television show, or best of all, spending time with any of our children and grandchildren. When I was in my 60’s, my days were mostly filled with my public relations career at Pebble Beach Resorts in California, in which I travelled to New York and Los Angeles to entertain writers and editors from around the world. When I wasn’t doing that, there were always events such as the annual AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, a U.S. Open Championship, the Pebble Beach Food & Wine, or the Concours d’Elegance to keep me busy.

What about Valerie motivational speaker?

Then, when I turned 68, my first book, Gracefully – Looking & Being Your Best as Any Age came out. I left Pebble Beach and began travelling to major cities to do numerous speaking engagements and frequent television appearances on The TODAY Show, Fox News, Hollywood Extra and others. Now that I’m in my 70’s, life has taken on a slightly slower pace, but I am still involved in new projects that catch my eye. Time spent with friends and family has a special sweetness now, and that is what I enjoy the most… That and travelling to motivate and inspire audiences to make the most of the possibilities that are still open to us if we only look. I love to connect with people on a meaningful level and to share stories with them.

What’s the secret of your glamour? What’s your beauty routine?

I don’t know that I consider myself glamorous but I do believe in aging in the best, most natural possible way. I try to eat a healthy diet. Walking and water aerobics are my favourite forms of exercise, and my skincare regime is soap and water with exfoliation added in three times a week.

What’s your beauty routine?

I use a light moisturizer, sun block and eye cream. I believe that taking good care of my skin is the most important thing. It is the foundation for a smooth canvas and a healthy, glowing complexion. My hair is its natural color having turned to silver about fifteen years ago. I can’t tell you how liberating that is! And the funny thing is that I now get more compliments on it than I ever did when I was highlighting it. When it comes to makeup, my colouring is very light so my aim is to bring out my features by emphasizing my eyes and cheekbones, adding a light glossy pink on my lips. I have never had plastic surgery, although that is a personal choice, and I leave it to others to decide what is best for them. Most of all, I honestly believe that being confident and happy is the best beauty secret of all.

Would you please tell our readers how to win in the second half of life?

Winning after fifty is what my second book, Creating What’s Next, is all about, and it is based on George Sand’s famous quotation, “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” Some of the key factors to enjoying success later in life start with attitude. Having confidence and a positive out look are all-important. Other factors include recognizing that life’s opportunities expand in proportion to our courage to seek them out. When an opportunity presents itself, go for it don’t be afraid to do the thing which you think you cannot do. Visualize a positive outcome. Remember that opportunities come when you least expect them. Ask for what you want. Keep your eyes and ears open. Follow your instincts. Take good care of yourself and be socially engaged.


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